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Is it "Print Ready"?

What you can do


You can have more photos taken at higher resolution, you can find someone with a pre-press background and work with them to find a resolution, or you can have us replace the image with a "like and kind" image at high resolution.


We work with most stock photo companies and can locate and replace the image file for you as part of the file repair process. You will however, be charged for the stock photo and be given time to proof the file.

Image Resolution

Image or photo files are raster based files. How well they print is based on the PPI (pixels per inch) of the image. In the early days of computer graphic design, the term DPI (dots per inch) was used as it was more familiar to the print industry at the time. However, over the years, the more correct term PPI has become more common. Both terms are accurate and refer to the same thing, the resolution of the file. For offset printing, the standard resolution is 300 PPI and placed at 100% size. Size is important, if you enlarge the raster image in the file, you lower the PPI. If you reduce the raster image in the file, you increase the PPI. As you can see, this can get complicated. If you have included a file that is not at a high enough resolution, your file will not print properly. There is no way to fix this. You must locate an image that has the resolution needed for the print job.

300 PPI

72 PPI



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